Design Committee

Design Committee


The Library Design Committee is appointed by the Board of Commissioners to work directly with the Library’s architects, Becker Morgan Group, on its behalf. It provides recommendations regarding the design and function of the interior and exterior of a 21st century library suited to the Lewes community. The Committee works with the Library’s Board of Commissioners, architect, staff, and the community at-large to assist in the design of a pleasing facility to meet the needs of the growing population of the Library’s service area.

Committee Members

  • Christine Besche, City of Lewes Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Stango Park;
  • Kristen Baker, Library Assistant Director;
  • Ned Butera, Library Board Vice President;
  • Jackie Finer, Founding President, Greater Lewes Community Village;
  • Laurel Fountain, former Library Board Secretary;
  • Ed Goyda, Library Director;
  • Tom Hall, Project Manager;
  • Brenda Jones, Designer, founding member, Historic Preservation Committee;
  • Ingrid Miller, Biblion employee, mother of 3 young adults, 20+ year Library patron and volunteer;
  • Maureen Miller, Library Children’s Librarian;
  • Don Matzkin, Retired Architect and Educator;
  • Candace Vessella, Friends of Lewes Library President;
  • Barbara Warnell, Interior Space Planning and Design, Historical Preservation Commission, Lewes Historical Society Board Member.

Scope of Work

The Committee met at least monthly through the completion of the building’s design to accomplish tasks including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Review the Library’s current strategic plan and Needs Assessment and become familiar with community needs to be served by a larger facility. Committee members should also familiarize themselves with design principles of 21st century libraries, both functional and aesthetic. Roger Levien’s Confronting the Future: Strategic Visions for the 21st Century Library is recommended reading regarding the flexibility of modern library design, as are the articles linked on the Library’s Web site.
  2. Become familiar with architectural styles common to the Library’s environs. Solicit community opinion regarding the aesthetics of the new Library.
  3. Become familiar with architectural styles that allow adaptability and expandability for Library construction.
  4. Participate in the schematic design process, including involvement in committee meetings and public charrettes. Provide initial community input on ideas and drawings provided by the Library’s architect.
  5. Provide input and insight into the library’s design to the Library Board.
  6. Review design development documents for the building, including providing comments on the more complete design documents to the Library Board.
  7. Keep the Library Board informed with a formal report at each monthly board meeting. Make all final design recommendations to the Library Board for their approval.

Agendas & Minutes